Athletic Trainer’s Nightmare


Yesterday a 14 year-old boy from Valdosta, GA passed away after being struck in the head during a baseball game. An athletic trainer was on-site but from the sound of the reports the young man’s chances of survival were slim.  This is an absolute nightmare for an athletic trainer.  We prepare for situations such as this in hopes of giving the person another chance. In our training we learn immediate care of emergency injuries such as CPR, AED administration, and spineboarding techniques. But sometimes a perfect storm brews and an injury occurs where the chances of survival are bleak. At that point, our goal as athletic trainers is to hopefully increase their chance of survival with immediate care.  This young man left Moultrie, GA in a helicopter headed to Tallahassee with a great chance of survival than had this occurred at home because an athletic trainer was there. This is another example of why every parent should be screaming at the top of their lungs to have an athletic trainer at their school. Through our training and expertise, we increase the chance of a good outcome in the midst of a terrible occurrence. 
I thank God that I have never had to deal with a situation such as the one in Moultrie but I have experienced the anxiety of dealing with an emergency. Afterwards is when the anxiety can be difficult to deal with. I pray for the family of the young man, the Valdosta Community and the athletic trainer who responded to this tragedy.

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