2015 So Far!

As we get close to reaching the end of the first quarter of 2015, I think it is time to revisit the goals that I mentioned in my post Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!. Well for starters, my wife and I did not take long in purchasing our family’s first home.  I say first, but I hope it is our last….that process was trying. The negotiations and waiting probably aged my wife and I by 10 years. We also learned to have patience as we began to get caught up in the excitement of touring houses. Thankfully we had some outside eyes to help keep us grounded and to keep us from making a mistake we may have regretted. On February 5th, we finally closed on this house!

I don’t know that we could have found a better house for our family. Plenty of space, an office for my wife who works from home, a closer ride to work for me, and an area that is still not too crowded. This house did take a lot of work though, we had to put a lot of hours in painting. Every room in this house has been painted except for 2. It is finally beginning to feel like OUR space and OUR home.  
I am learning as a new homeowner that there is always something to do or some sort of project you want to do. As we began searching for homes, I made it known that I would like a space to create my own weight room. In this house, it looks like it will have to be my side of the garage. If I can clear it with the wife (all you married men know what I am talking about), I’d love to turn one side of the garage into a Palace of Pain.  I’m talking about an area for clanging and banging of iron. This may not be possible right now but a man can dream right??
I also set a goal for myself to reach a 400 lb squat and a 450-475 deadlift.  As of the end of March I had completed a 16 week program following the Juggernaut Method.  I usually do my own programming but sometimes I like to take the thinking out of it and try something someone else has found effective. I gained around 30-40 lbs on my squat and deadlift. I found some weakness that are holding me back, especially in my deadlift. My grip became a factor as I was working with higher loads and plan to make that more of a focus in my training. Currently I am working at a high rep and lower weight to help with some hypertrophy and will begin back to lifting heavy soon.  
As for my posting goals, I have stuck with my once a month goal and this will actually be my second for March. It is just hard to find the time and the ideas to write about.  I am trying to make a concerted effort of writing down ideas as they come up.  
So far I can’t complain about 2015, the weather could be better but I know there will be sunny days ahead!  

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