Month: December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Goodbye 2014! You have been great to me and my family. This year, we had a wonderful addition to our family. Ella Marie has been my crowning moment so far in this life. She has changed our lives in an immense but unbelievable way. She lights up my world when I am having a rough day. Hearing her and my wife get into giggle fits is awesome.


As great as 2014 has been, I look forward to an even greater 2015. It is customary for many people to set resolutions for the upcoming year. That is the goal of this post today, but I am going to take a different thought process into it. Many people set resolutions as “I will try”. I think this leaves a lot of room for failure. I am going into this year with the mindset of “I WILL”. It means that you are going to find a way to make things happen.

The first “I WILL” is more of a “We WILL”. A family goal of mine and Christa’s is to get us into our first house. We have begun the process of looking and I am excited about beginning this process. We have definitely grown out of living the apartment life….especially when your upstairs neighbors love to vacuum and drop things right when you are attempting to put down a little girl. Also, adding a little one to your family requires a lot of space, which an apartment does not allow for.

In 2015, I will also average at least 1 blog post a month. Looking at the review of how this blog did this year, I was strong at the beginning of the year. Around the time that little girl came around, things got crazy and the blogging got pushed to the back. I think an average of 1 post a month is achievable. I see this blog as a way to teach the everyday person how to take care of themselves or prevent injuries. Now to start thinking about topics!

In 2015, I will squat 400 lbs and deadlift between 450 and 475. For a tall human being like myself, these numbers are pretty substantial. A 400 lb squat would put me at 1.5 times my body weight.

There are other goals that I have throughout the year but in looking at what are the things that I enjoy or value the most, these were goals that would affect them the most.

What are your goals for 2015? Are you thinking I will try or I WILL? I wish you all a happy and fruitful 2015.