Why I Don’t Do Bicep Curls

Great article if your goal is to get stronger, and you may just get bigger biceps!

Rondeau Health and Wellness

Walk into any gym across America, and you’re likely to see some huge bro standing right in front of the dumbbell rack, glowering at himself in the mirror as he pumps out sets of bicep curls. Gotta get that pump, you know? And while bicep curls are a staple of body builders everywhere, I’ve only done them a handful of times over the past few years. Why’s that, you ask? There are a few reasons actually, not the least of which is that if training for general aesthetics or strength, there are much better ways to spend your gym time.Ron+burgundy+bicep+curls

I mean, if Ron Burgundy does bicep curls… 

If you have two hours to spend in the gym every day, and you are training with a body builder split where you actually have a “bicep” day, than bicep curls probably fit in your plan. And if you do have a…

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